What do a great agent and massage therapist have in common?


Buying a home is one of the most exciting things you can do. I remember when I bought my first condo – I was thrilled. I was excited about making the leap from renter to homeowner. Home buying is a great financial commitment and an intensely emotional experience.  When your emotions are involved in a purchase, there’s a possibility that those emotions can get out of hand and stress can taint the experience.

Experienced Buyer’s Agent with Great Communication Skills


 Fabulous Massage Therapist


 Stress-free Home Buying

Selecting the right home for you and your family should be fun. Picking the right agent to work with and finding a way for you to stay grounded during the process are key ingredients.

Finding a home to buy is actually pretty easy with all the information so readily available online today. However, getting that home under contract, managing the inspection, jumping the hurdles of title and settlement are the “scary” parts where your agent really “earns” his/her fee.  A good and caring agent will be there to educate you and hold your hand step by step.  Good communication between you and your agent will make the process easier and less stressful for you.

Also, having some other way to ground yourself when you start to feel overwhelmed or conflicted is very important. Massage is great for lowering tension and anxiety. It also helps with staying alert, being more aware and concentrating – all important when committing to a big investment like a home. When you are calm and your mind is at peace you are more likely to make sound decisions

 For a free, no-obligation home-buyer consultation, contact Kerstin G. Brooks of the Brooks & Heinze Team at 206.276.5827 or find the team online at www.propertyinseattle.com .

 To schedule an appointment at Shift Massage, contact Kathy J. Rose at 206.399.8820 or find her online at http://www.shiftmassage.com .

Kerstin G. Brooks
Brooks & Heinze Real Estate
Cell: 206.276.5827
Web: www.propertyinseattle.com

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