Brooks & Heinze Seattle Real Estate Team – May 2021 Newsletter

Seattle Market Update

Most sellers prefer listing their home between late April and early June when their home and yard look the best. Indeed, we have seen more homes hit the market in the last few weeks. Finally, there is some more inventory for buyers who have been competing in fierce bidding wars with other buyers. It is still a strong seller’s market but it looks like there might be a little more hope for buyers who have been unsuccessful in securing a home so far this year.

The highest price increases and the most competitive areas for homebuyers have been outside Seattle. While single-family home prices are up about 7% in Seattle compared to last year, they’re up about 39% on the Eastside and 25% in Graham, Pierce County.

In Search Of (ISO)

Currently, we have an immediate need to find homes for our buyers in Renton and North Marysville/Arlington. DUE TO A LACK OF INVENTORY ON THE OPEN MARKET, we would greatly appreciate any leads for off market properties in these areas:

ISO – 3bed/2bath/2car home in Renton for our clients Laura and Robert. For more detailed information of what they are looking for click here.

ISO – 3bed/1bth/1parking home/townhouse/condo in North Marysville / Arlington for our clients TJ and Naomi. For more detailed information of what they are looking for click here.

New Construction Delays and Higher Costs

The difficulty in procuring some construction materials and the cost associated with shortages, especially for lumber, steel and electrical supplies is stalling projects and driving up prices for new construction. Some builders are including automatic closing date extensions and automatic price adjustments to the real estate purchase contracts to compensate and protect themselves from price fluctuations in materials and procurement delays. Make sure you work with a trusted real estate agent and lender who can educate you on how this may affect your bottom line and financing.

We’d love to hear from you

Any questions, comments, or feedback? Contact us any time.

Thank you,

Kerstin & Krisanne

Brooks & Heinze Team at Skyline Properties, Inc.

Kerstin Brooks: 206.276.5827 & Krisanne Heinze: 206.920.2541



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